Stix Asia CEO


UX / Partial Development


August 2023


Stix Asia

UX Sweep, Strategy and Consultation / Social Media Best Practices Setup

Project Components

🕸️ UX Strategy Sweep

🖥️ CMS-supported Website Design

📸 Product Photography

🤳🏼 Social Media Management

🎥 Content Creation


STIX ASIA - Waikiki's Premier Asian Food Hall

Located in the heart of Waikiki, Hawaii, Stix Asia serves as a top-notch food hall, bringing the diverse culinary delights of Asia under one roof. It offers a one-of-a-kind dining adventure, allowing guests to experience an extensive array of Asian flavors without stepping out of Hawaii. The food hall is home to 17+ eclectic restaurants, each offering genuine dishes from Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Singapore.

Navigating Success: Stix Asia's Ambitions and Solutions

Stix Asia set forth with a dual mission: to boost sales and build a robust social media presence, all while tackling customer pain points surrounding parking, directions, and online feedback across various platforms.

Our collaborative efforts, leveraging designs from their previous agency, other project stakeholders, and the contribution of an additional photographer collaborator, expedited the project's launch. With these strategic initiatives in place, our collective aim was to not only drive sales growth and enhance brand visibility across social media but also to address customer frustrations by providing clear information and actively engaging with their feedback.

How we helped solve their problem

Web Design & UX Sweep

By leveraging existing brand assets (credit: Middle Management) like logo, color schemes, and typography, we quickly optimized the website's user experience, emphasizing the impact of UX in solving and unblocking existing business problems.

We transformed their hero section from a looping video to a dynamic carousel showcasing the vast array of food offerings, directly addressing customer needs and spotlighting what truly matters—Stix Asia's culinary variety. The website now boasts a more engaging and informative interface, complete with an interactive navbar that includes a direct link to a map, solving another frequent customer frustration of finding the below-first-floor food-hall. An industry-standard footer provides visitors with easy navigation, visual floor guides, operating hours, and links to social media channels.

Modal Pop-up for Parking and Location

To address parking concerns in the city, we introduced a modal popup triggered after a set duration, providing visitors with quick and relevant information about Stix Asia's location and parking options. This intuitive UX element was designed as a direct response to customer confusion, ensuring that the journey to Stix Asia is as smooth as the dining experience awaiting them.

Animations and Interactions

We added scrollable animations to keep visitors engaged, especially for future blog content, and created a user-friendly scroll-handholding feature. This not only enhances the user experience but also primes the platform for the rich, cultural storytelling that Stix Asia is poised to share.

Back End CMS Setup and Scalability

Preparing for an educational blog, we set up CMS fields, ensuring Stix Asia's in-house team could easily create and upload new content. This empowers the team to keep their narrative fresh and aligned with their cultural and culinary focus, simplifying the process without the need for extensive technical skills.

Social Media Enhancement

We advised on Instagram Guides and highlight stories for individual restaurant tenants within the food hall, streamlining social media engagement. Additionally, we stocked their digital arsenal with a variety of social media content graphics, forging a digital presence strategy to craft authentic content that resonates with their audience and stays ahead of swiftly evolving social media trends. Our comprehensive social strategy set the stage for engaging the community with educational content about Asian food culture and a spotlight on the diverse restaurants within their food hall.

Other room for improvement

Stix Asia, deeply rooted in traditional Asian culture, has historically preferred tangible, in-person results over digital innovations such as advanced tracking and A/B testing. Their inclination towards physical business operations often led them to rely on user-generated content (UGC) creators for social media efforts, collaborating to boost brand awareness and relevance. Limited budgets hindered their ability to create in-house content, but with the resolution of initial customer concerns, they can now shift their focus towards crafting authentic and inviting content for their customers.

Our impact

Our collaboration with Stix Asia has had a significant impact, clearing the way for growth and success. By resolving customer frustrations related to parking, directions, and feedback on social media and listing platforms, we have improved the overall user experience. This has led to a decrease in negative reviews and has eliminated obstacles to the food hall's success. With these improvements, Stix Asia can now focus on expansion through marketing efforts, social media engagement, and other growth strategies. Our partnership has not only improved their online presence but has also opened doors for future growth, providing a promising path forward.


💪🏼 Address user frustrations 💪🏼 Boost sales and foot traffic onsite 💪🏼 Elevate online presence


Conducted a comprehensive UX Sweep, made web development enhancements, set up a CMS blog, and provided social media consultation.


Resolve customer frustrations, improve online brand presence, and lay the foundation for an educational blog.


Enhanced Stix Asia's social media for a more professional and coherent Instagram presence.

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