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January 2023


Fantastic Gardens Hawaii

Redesigned, Rehosted & Relaunched Plant Concierge Website

Project Components

🖥️ CMS-supported Website Design

🕸️ UX Strategy Sweep

🎭 Logo Design

🎨 Graphic Design

✍🏼 Effective Copywriting

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Tackling the digital transformation of Fantastic Gardens Hawaii presented a unique opportunity to blend tradition with innovation. Our mission was to encapsulate their rich horticultural heritage and deep-seated passion for Hawaii's biodiversity into a digital experience that was both intuitive and engaging. Recognizing the need for a platform that transcended the conventional e-commerce model, we designed a website that functions as a dynamic online directory—a modern sanctuary where plant lovers could explore and inquire with ease. This digital concierge simplifies the journey for potential customers, offering a seamless interface to express interest directly through a bespoke inquiry form, effectively minimizing barriers and enhancing user engagement.

Integral to this transformation was the development of a user-friendly content management system (CMS), empowering the Fantastic Gardens team to manage their plant listings independently, without the need for technical expertise. This autonomy was crucial, providing them with the tools to maintain an ever-evolving and vibrant online catalog reflective of their physical nursery's diversity. Complementing the website, we crafted a logo that symbolized their ethos—merging elegance, wisdom, and the pioneering spirit of their founders into a visual identity that resonates with their audience and stands as a testament to their contributions to the botanical world.

Our impact

We revitalized Fantastic Gardens Hawaii's digital presence with a seamless, user-friendly website and a modern logo, capturing their legacy and facilitating an interactive plant concierge experience. By intertwining their horticultural artistry with our digital craftsmanship, we not only broadened their reach but deepened their connection with the global community of plant lovers. This digital rebirth has empowered them with a toolkit for growth, autonomy, and engagement, setting a new standard for how nurseries can flourish online. The ripples of our endeavor extend beyond metrics, nurturing a brand that's poised to inspire generations of gardeners and collectors, drawing them closer to the heart of Hawaii's botanical abundance.
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Client needed a digital overhaul to continue thriving online without a dedicated tech team.


We delivered a modern, user-friendly website with a CMS for easy management of plant listings and a refined logo.


To reimagine Fantastic Gardens Hawaii's online presence with a modern website and logo that simplifies user interaction while maintaining their botanical legacy.


In the spirit of innovation akin to cultivating new plant hybrids, we infused the new website with a blend of elegance and functionality, mirroring the beauty and diversity of their nursery.

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