What does the web design process look like from start to finish?

The web design process typically involves an initial consultation we gather information about the client's business, goals, and target audience to create a design brief. Once the project is initiated, the designer will create a mock-up or prototype of the website, which will include the layout, color scheme, and other visual elements. We will then begin constructing the website, adding functionality and performing quality assurance testing before presenting the final project handoff to the client. The client will have the opportunity to provide revisions and iterations before the final deliverable is complete. By the end of the project, the client will have a fully functioning website that meets their needs and goals.


How long does a typical web design project take to complete?

The duration of a web design project depends on the complexity of the design request. For instance, a regular informational landing page may take up to a week to complete, while a standard website with 3-10 pages may take around 2 weeks. Projects that include a CMS may take approximately 3 weeks to complete, while ecommerce packages may take up to 4 weeks. The maximum duration of any project will not exceed one month. Libramonte.co will work closely with the client to establish a project timeline and ensure that the project is delivered within the expected timeframe.


How do you handle revisions and changes during the design process?

Libramonte.co understands that clients may have revision requests during the design process. The design package includes one opportunity for revisions, and clients may request additional revisions at an additional cost. Any paid revisions that are unused will be reimbursed to the client at the project handoff. Clients are encouraged to compile all their revision requests and submit them as early as possible to eliminate back-and-forth between the designer and client, as the goal is to turn around projects efficiently. The designer will work closely with the client to ensure that all revision requests are addressed and incorporated into the final design.


Will I be able to see the progress of my website design before it is complete?

Yes, clients will be able to see the progress of their website design before it is handed off. Libramonte.co will invite clients to a "first look" at the semi-final high-fidelity deliverable. This is a great opportunity for clients to provide feedback and ensure that the design is meeting their expectations.


How do you determine the cost of a web design project?

At Libramonte.co, the cost of a web design project is determined based on the complexity of the website and any additional services required, such as domain registration, tracking, and analytics. Please visit the quote calculator to forecast your website budget details. We offer payment plans and a 10% discount if paid in full. It is important to note that deposits are non-refundable.


Can I see examples of websites you have designed in the past?

Absolutely! Please visit the portfolio page on the Libramonte.co website to view examples of past web design projects. These projects showcase a variety of design styles and project types, including landing pages, standard websites, and e-commerce packages. In addition to web design services, they also offer photography, videography, UX research, and other digital marketing services. Be sure to check out their portfolio page to get a better idea of their design style and capabilities.


Will I own the rights to my website and its content once the final handoff is made?

Yes, clients will own the rights to their website and its content once the final handoff is made. Libramonte.co values its clients' ownership and protection of their intellectual property. For more information, clients can refer to the terms and conditions page, as well as the privacy policy page.


Can you integrate third-party services (such as social media, email marketing, or ecommerce) into my website?

Absolutely, we can integrate a variety of third-party services into your website. The team works with existing APIs to integrate popular services such as Shopify, Mailchimp, and more. Other potential third-party services that can be integrated include payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and online booking tools like Calendly or Acuity. The team is committed to providing comprehensive and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.


How do you handle website migrations from an existing website to a new website?

At Libramonte.co, website migrations are handled like every other project and treated like a fresh start. This process includes the design aspect and also includes a strategy for CMS maintenance to make it easy and efficient for different employee roles to manage and take over once the handoff is complete. The goal is to ensure that the transition from the old website to the new one is seamless, and that the new website is easier to manage and maintain than the old one.


How do you ensure that my website is secure and protected from data breaches?

At Libramonte.co, website security is a top priority. To protect your website and data from potential breaches, we use SSL certificates, which encrypt data and protect against cyber risks. We use a secure hosting provider and take other measures to ensure your website is protected, such as regular software updates and strong password policies. We also advise clients on best practices for keeping their websites secure and can provide ongoing maintenance and support to address any security concerns.


Can you provide ongoing maintenance and updates to my website after it launches?

Yes, we can provide ongoing maintenance and updates to your website after it launches. Clients are invited to submit a request for any maintenance and updates they need. Day rates and retention services are available as well. This ensures that your website is up-to-date and functioning optimally to meet your business needs.


How do you handle potential issues or bugs that may arise after my website launches?

At Libramonte.co, our aim is to deliver a website without any issues or bugs. To achieve this, we automatically include quality assurance and proper testing during our development process. However, if issues or bugs arise after the hand-off, clients are encouraged to submit a request. Functional issues or bugs are covered for free, but cosmetic changes and updates may incur fees. Please read our terms and conditions and privacy policy for additional information.


Can you work with my existing branding and design elements?

Yes! In fact, utilizing existing branding and design elements can speed up the project and turn it around faster. However, if a client is interested in a redesign of their brand identity or other brand collateral, it would be considered a separate service and not a standard part of website projects.


Can you provide hosting and domain registration services for my website?

Yes, we can provide hosting and domain registration services for your website. These services are a part of our initial inquiry process where we gather information from our clients. If the client changes their mind, we will reimburse this portion of the project as it is considered an extra service. We primarily use Google and other popular hosting and registration services to ensure that your website is hosted and registered properly.


How do you handle website scalability and performance optimization for future growth?

Website scalability and performance optimization are a key aspect of our website design and development process. Our goal is to deliver a website that is ready to handle your future growth and success. We design websites that are both scalable and optimized for performance, to help increase your revenue, leads, conversions, and achieve your business goals and KPIs. Whether it's improving page load times, optimizing images, or implementing other performance optimizations, we have the skills and knowledge to help you succeed.


Do you offer any non-web design services?

At Libramonte.co, the team offers a range of non-web design services to cater to clients' diverse needs. These services include photography, videography, visual design and post-production, social media content creation and management, copywriting, ghostwriting, UX research and analysis, custom and advanced interactions and micro-interactions, business strategy, marketing strategy, and social media strategy. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.


Are deposits refundable if I decide to cancel the project before it is completed?

Our deposit policy requires that clients provide a non-refundable deposit at the start of the project. This is because resources and time will have been allocated towards the project upon the client's agreement to start the work. In the event of project cancellation, this deposit will be retained by Libramonte.co as a form of compensation for the work already performed. It is important to note that deposits are non-refundable and clients should carefully consider their decision before committing to a project.


Can you provide website analytics and reports to track website traffic and user behavior?

Absolutely! Libramonte.co can provide optional website analytics and reports to track website traffic and user behavior. This is a standard part of our initial inquiry process when we gather information from the client. If the client changes their mind, we can exclude this from the project and reimburse them accordingly. We typically use popular website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to ensure that our clients can easily access and interpret the data.


What kind of support can I expect after my website is launched?

At Libramonte.co, once a website is launched, clients can expect free support for bugs and issue requests on a priority basis. However, this does not include cosmetic or content updates and maintenance. Retention services, such as content creation and small updates, are available, and day rates can be arranged for small projects that can be completed in one business day. The terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, should be reviewed for more information.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through Stripe, a safe and secure payment platform. We also offer payment plans to their clients. If a client opts to make payment in full, they will be eligible for a 10% discount.


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