Full design & development


Spring 2022


Native E-commerce Shop Demo (without using Etsy or Shopify)

Project Components

🪙 E-commerce website

⚙️ Advanced animations and interactions

🎭 Complete visual identity

📸 Product Photography

📈 Digital Marketing

💌 User Email Journey and Special Campaigns


Success with Practical Web Design and Development

In the world of web design and development, showcases effective strategy. As a web designer and developer, I carefully brought this idea to life, building an online plant store that smoothly guides visitors through a captivating selection of plants.

Our journey started with a commitment to user-friendly design, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience. Swift brand development gave us a unique identity, while well-planned user flow exceeded expectations and fostered customer loyalty. High-quality product photography captured each plant's unique character, boosting sales and emphasizing our dedication to quality. Custom HTML/CSS code breathed life into engaging email campaigns, forging lasting connections.

The result - Tangible success, including increased sales, a strong online presence, and significant growth. This project demonstrates my expertise in web design and development, offering a glimpse of what I can achieve for businesses like yours.

Project Key Factors

Web Design

My expertise in web design played a pivotal role in shaping into a modern and user-friendly online plant paradise. The website's visual aesthetics were carefully curated to provide visitors with an inviting and seamless experience. Drawing inspiration from platforms like Etsy, I designed the layout to be both visually appealing and highly intuitive. User-friendly navigation and a responsive design ensured that customers could effortlessly explore the diverse plant collections and make their selections with ease. This attention to detail in web design not only enhanced the brand's appeal but also contributed significantly to the overall user satisfaction.

Brand Development

In the early stages of, swift and effective brand development was paramount. I wasted no time in crafting a brand identity that resonated with plant enthusiasts. This included defining a color palette that evoked feelings of freshness and vitality, and selecting typography that combined modernity with readability. By swiftly establishing a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity, I ensured that made an immediate impression on visitors, setting it apart from the competition. This brand development process was instrumental in conveying the brand's essence and values to potential customers.

User Flow Automation

The meticulous mapping of user flow within was designed to provide customers with a hassle-free journey from product discovery to the moment they received their cherished plants. Every step of the customer's experience was considered, from browsing and selecting plants to checkout and delivery. This careful planning not only improved the overall user experience but also enhanced efficiency in operations. The result was a well-orchestrated process that not only met but exceeded customer expectations, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth for the brand.

Product Photography

Capturing the unique beauty and allure of each plant was a vital aspect of's success. My attention to detail in product photography ensured that each plant was presented in its best light, enticing customers with vivid and high-quality images. These visuals played a crucial role in conveying the uniqueness and desirability of the plants, driving conversions and sales. High-quality product photography not only showcased the products effectively but also reinforced the brand's commitment to excellence.

Custom HTML/CSS Emails

The utilization of custom HTML/CSS code for email marketing campaigns was a strategic choice that elevated's engagement with its audience. These email campaigns were not mere messages; they were personalized journeys that resonated with subscribers. Custom code allowed for unique and visually appealing email templates that carried the essence of the brand. By crafting these emails, I fostered lasting connections with subscribers, keeping at the forefront of their minds. This approach went beyond standard email marketing, creating a lasting impact on the brand's visibility and customer retention.

Each of these key factors played a pivotal role in shaping into a successful online plant pop-up store. The combination of modern web design, swift brand development, meticulous user flow automation, captivating product photography, and custom HTML/CSS code showcased my ability to create a thriving brand experience that would impress potential clients from all demographics.

Our impact achieved remarkable outcomes that exceeded expectations. The project resulted in successfully selling out available pop-up inventory, the establishment of a robust online presence, and the cultivation of a distinctive brand identity. Tangible business growth was evident, supported by positive data analytics reflecting revenue increases. Furthermore, the client base witnessed substantial expansion, accompanied by a surge in form submissions, leaving a lasting and prominent online footprint. While currently in a demo, non-functioning state, retains the necessary equipment and structure for potential revival, ready to spring back to life when the right opportunity arises.


I needed a way to sell some of my plants, without relying on mainstream marketplaces like Etsy, Shopify and local FB purges.


Design and launch a self-sustaining ecommerce website that can sell products to a niche group of customers.


🪴 Primary - sell as much products 📱Secondary - generate an email list


⌛️ Giveaway - We run a fun game for our social media community, every once in a while.

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