ShinyBees CEO


Full design & development


Summer 2022



Hawai'i Professional Cleaning Business - Full Website Design & Development

Project Components

🖥️ Standard Website Design

⚙️ Advanced animations and interactions

🎭 Complete visual identity

📣 Marketing Collateral - business cards

📈 Digital Marketing

💌 User Email Journey and Special Campaigns

🤖 Automated email flow triggers

🔎 Analytics & Tracking


Bridging the Digital Gap for Non-Tech sectors

ShinyBees, a client in the cleaning industry, sought to establish an online presence to attract new clientele. Despite years of success relying solely on word-of-mouth recommendations, they recognized the potential of expanding through a website.

With the client's limited tech knowledge in mind, we designed the website's backend to automate form submissions, ensuring a seamless and secure process. In addition, the system sends notifications to all relevant stakeholders within the ShinyBees organization. Even before implementing advertising campaigns, the website began generating inbound client inquiries, confirming the demand for their services.

Now, ShinyBees is prepared to take the next step by venturing into content marketing, including establishing a presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This move aims to further enhance their online visibility and drive traffic to the form submissions.

Project Key Factors

Web Design Excellence

Crafting a modern and user-friendly website was the main driver of ShinyBees' success. We prioritized clean and responsive design to provide visitors with a seamless experience. Our layout, inspired by user-friendly platforms, ensures easy navigation and a visually appealing interface, making it effortless for potential clients to explore and connect with ShinyBees.

Complete Brand Transformation

ShinyBees needed more than just a website; they required a complete visual identity. We defined a vibrant brand identity, featuring a color palette that exudes freshness and vitality. Our typography choices combined modernity with readability, setting ShinyBees apart in a competitive industry. This swift brand transformation has been pivotal in connecting with clients effectively.

Engaging Marketing Collateral

To extend ShinyBees' brand presence, we created striking marketing collateral, including business cards and drive-by signs. These materials are designed to leave a lasting impression on potential clients and reinforce the professionalism and reliability of ShinyBee's cleaning services.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We recognized the importance of digital marketing in ShinyBees' growth journey. Crafting targeted campaigns based on specific keywords, we've successfully attracted a consistent flow of organic visitors. Our strategic approach continues to generate new inquiries and expand ShinyBees' client base.

Efficient User Email Journey

ShinyBees now boasts a personalized email journey for potential clients. With automated email flow triggers, we ensure every inquiry is handled promptly and professionally. This personalized approach has nurtured connections with clients, enhancing their experience and trust in ShinyBees.

Comprehensive Analytics & Tracking

To continuously improve ShinyBees' online presence, we integrated robust analytics and tracking capabilities. These tools provide invaluable insights into user behavior and preferences, helping us refine strategies and drive further growth.

Our impact played a pivotal role in transforming ShinyBees from a traditional cleaning service to one that also has a competitive edge by establishing a new online footprint. Through strategic web design, brand development, and digital marketing expertise, we catapulted ShinyBees into the digital era, expanding its reach and clientele. Our user-friendly website design and seamless automation of form submissions significantly increased their customer base, showcasing our commitment to practical web solutions for non-tech sectors. Our partnership with ShinyBees resulted in enhanced brand identity, increased revenue, a stronger brand presence, and a solid online footprint, solidifying their status as Hawaii's first-choice team-based cleaning service.


Attract more clients to a small cleaning business through a new website design.


Develop a website that provides valuable information, increases brand awareness, and improves conversion rates.


Streamline lead collection and job bookings with an automated UX flow.


The website is scalable and accommodates future features and apps.

Supercharge your business without a full-time hire