Marketing Manager


Full Design & Development


Fall 2023


Blue Planet Energy

MVP Website, Data Migration and multiple campaign projects

Project Components

🖥️ CMS-supported Website Design

⚙️ Basic animations and interactions

🚀 Landing page for multiple campaigns

💌 User Email Journey and Special Campaigns

🤖 Automated email flow triggers


Energizing Innovation: Revamping Blue Planet Energy's Online Presence

Blue Planet Energy (BPE) joined forces with to breathe new life into their outdated website, creating a modern MVP (Most Viable Product) that shines a spotlight on their groundbreaking energy solutions and product offerings.

Operating on a modest budget, we crafted a user-friendly website that seamlessly integrates case studies, blog articles, and their product catalog. Our partnership also extended to captivating digital campaigns, including the Tetris initiative, which employed engaging animations and interactions to capture the attention of their target audience and spark interest in their brand. Most recently, we designed an enticing landing page for their upcoming BlueWave product, with a focus on residential customers, thus expanding their reach and sales potential.

In my collaboration with Blue Planet Energy, I've served as a one-stop resource for a range of marketing needs, effectively replacing the need for multiple specialized hires. From crafting their web presence to spearheading digital campaigns and graphic design, my contributions have been integral to their growth. Continually employed by them, I’ve played a key role in scaling their business and ensuring they stay on the cutting edge of the energy industry. Together, we persistently explore and implement pioneering solutions to propel them to new heights of success.

Who is BluePlanet Energy?

Blue Planet Energy, a mid-sized contender in the battery and energy sector, is on an ambitious quest to scale up and compete with industry titans like Tesla. Specializing in state-of-the-art batteries suited for homes, businesses, and communities, they harness their size as a strength, offering agility and dedicated support. Their commitment is not only to innovate but also to empower their dealers and distributors with top-notch marketing materials, giving them the leverage needed to effectively promote their cutting-edge products and push the boundaries of growth in a competitive market.

Diverse Digital Dynamics

Our involvement with BPE has been a comprehensive partnership, where I've supported their Director of Marketing across multiple roles, including web design, digital marketing, graphic design, and strategic planning. This support has been pivotal, saving them from the need to recruit for these specialized roles. The collaboration has been ongoing, with each project tailored to their ambitious growth goals in the competitive energy sector.

We started by choosing the most appropriate web platform, developing a modern MVP website, and smoothly migrating their existing content like blogs and case studies. My continued support in their quest for innovation is reflected in our high-profile campaigns, such as the Tetris Landing Page, designed to increase signups with interactive 3D elements, a technique we replicated for the Blue Wave project to similar success.

We also collaborated closely with BPE's in-house software developer to seamlessly integrate form submissions with their desired CRM, ensuring a seamless user experience and efficient lead management.

Our impact

Our collaboration with BPE resulted in significant impact across various areas. Through the revamped MVP website, we enhanced their online presence, attracting more visitors and potential customers. The incorporation of engaging 3D campaigns like Tetris and Bluewave not only increased brand awareness but also generated a surge in signups and lead generation. BPE's website serves as a prime example of their innovation and unwavering commitment to advanced battery solutions. The increased website traffic and user engagement have led to a notable uptick in sales inquiries, positively impacting revenue growth and business expansion.


Creating an engaging online presence for BPE within a limited budget and improving their website from its initial version.


We revamped their website, introduced a CMS for blog post management, and executed captivating digital campaigns to enhance their online presence.


Our goal was to transform BPE's online presence, increasing quote requests and sales, and establishing them as a strong competitor in their industry.


A unique feature of our collaboration was the Tetris campaign, which creatively showcased their products and engaged their audience.

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