Love Thy Beast

In this project we showcase Love Thy Beast's products through genuine user-generated content. We highlighted the product's stylish functionality for NYC pet parents, demonstrating the seamless metro travel experience it offers.
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Project Essentials, Tools & Techniques

UGC Advocacy

Fostering genuine brand-customer relationships

Brand and Product Alignment

Based on a shared ethos and genuine product utility

Engagement with Target Demographics

Aimed at creators within any industry, demonstrating the relevance and utility

Narrative-Driven Content Creation

Focused on storytelling through images, showcasing product and experience

Project Components

🦉 User-Generated Content (UGC)

📸 Product Photography

🐶 Pet Photography

🎥 Content Creation


Navigating the New York City Metro with pets presents a unique challenge for animal lovers. This reality set the stage for our independent creation of user-generated content featuring Love Thy Beast, a brand celebrated for its commitment to pet mobility and style, showcasing the tangible benefits of UGC for companies and their communities. As a pet owner myself, faced with the city's strict travel regulations, I found the perfect opportunity to not only address a personal need but to also contribute to a larger narrative through user-generated content (UGC).

Armed with Love Thy Beast's popular dog bag, me and my corgis set out to Moynihan Train Hall, the newly renovated station near Madison Square Garden. The area, still a hidden gem to many New Yorkers at the time, offered us a quiet yet dynamic setting for our photoshoot. Our goal was twofold: to produce UGC that resonates with the authenticity and practicality of the brand and to demonstrate the bag's invaluable utility in a city as vibrant and chaotic as New York.

User-generated content, as we showcased, is a testament to the authentic experiences of real customers. Unlike traditional influencer marketing, which has increasingly come under scrutiny for its perceived lack of sincerity, UGC thrives on genuine endorsements. By capturing and sharing our genuine moments with Love Thy Beast's dog bag, we tapped into the power of authenticity. It's not about casting wide nets with broad appeals; UGC's strength lies in its ability to connect deeply with micro and nano social media creators. These creators, scattered across various demographics, offer a more nuanced and widespread reach, speaking directly to those who share similar lifestyles and values.

The Love Thy Beast dog bag itself stands as a symbol of this authentic lifestyle. Stylish, durable, and multifunctional, it answers the call of New York pet parents who wish for hassle-free travel with their furry companions on the metro, trains, and airplanes. Our content aimed to illuminate how this product not only eases the logistical burdens of pet travel but also aligns with the aesthetic and practical desires of modern pet owners. By aligning ourselves with brands we genuinely appreciate, like Love Thy Beast, we underscore the importance of authenticity in today's marketing landscape. UGC allows us to foster a community of trust and genuine appreciation, where the products we endorse are those we truly stand behind, not because of a paid partnership, but because they genuinely enhance our lives and those of our pets. In the end, our collaboration served as a beacon for how brands and consumers can interact in a meaningful way, celebrating products that truly make a difference in our daily lives.


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