Oki Oki

We delivered versatile, on-brand content for Oki Oki, highlighting their product's features and adaptability across multiple channels, fostering strategic insights beyond just Instagram engagement.
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Project Essentials, Tools & Techniques

High-Resolution Photography


Strategic Content Repurposing


Data-Driven Insights & A/B Testing


Adobe Creative Suite


Project Components

🎥 Content Creation

💡 Adobe Lightroom

📸 Product Photography

🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 Partnership


Our project with Oki Oki was a journey of both creation and discovery, focusing on crafting not just content, but a versatile toolkit that the company could wield across varied marketing landscapes. They provided us with one of their beds, entrusting us to produce a suite of photos—both raw and edited—alongside an Instagram-ready carousel that showcased the product in its best light, ensuring the product tag was always in clear view. This task, while straightforward, unfolded into a larger lesson in digital marketing's nuanced terrain.

As we navigated the project, our experience with content reception played a pivotal role. The evolving digital climate has shown a preference for authenticity over overt selling, a trend underscored by our A/B testing and data analysis. This insight led Oki Oki to recalibrate their approach, using the content we developed in a more segmented strategy, extending beyond their traditional Instagram feed into channels previously untapped. The versatility of the content we provided—designed not only for immediate use but also for repurposing—empowered Oki Oki to experiment and refine their online presence. It was a revelation for them, underscoring that the effectiveness of digital campaigns often hinges on strategy as much as on the content itself.

Our engagement with Oki Oki transcended the typical vendor-client relationship, evolving into a partnership grounded in mutual learning and exploration. They walked away not just with a set of high-quality, adaptable content but with strategic insights that would inform their future campaigns. This project underscored a vital lesson: in the digital domain, content's value is magnified by its adaptability and the strategic acumen with which it's deployed. We're proud to have contributed to Oki Oki's journey and to have gained a comfortable new bed in the process!


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