Pet Plate

We assisted PetPlate's brand awareness and social footprint through a creative project, utilizing the obedient charm of the corgis to produce engaging, versatile content for cross-channel marketing impact.
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Project Essentials, Tools & Techniques

Reusable Content


Engagement-Driven Creativity


Cross-platform Strategy


Augmented Brand Awareness


Project Components

🎥 Content Creation

💡 Adobe Lightroom

📸 Product Photography

🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 Partnership


Living in Manhattan, my journey with PetPlate began, marking a chapter filled with creativity, collaboration, and the irreplaceable charm of my two obedient corgis. The partnership blossomed from a mutual appreciation for quality and authenticity, with PetPlate recognizing not just the photogenic appeal of my corgis but their remarkable ability to follow directions, making them the perfect subjects for a series of content creation projects. Together, we embarked on a mission to amplify PetPlate's brand presence, navigating through their rebranding phase with a blend of static photography and dynamic videos that captured the essence of their offerings through the lens of genuine, everyday moments shared with my corgis.

The content we created was not just another drop in the digital ocean; it was deliberate, crafted with precision to resonate with PetPlate's target audience. From raw video assets to Instagram-ready posts that eventually morphed into successful paid ads, our collaboration was a testament to the power of creative and brand-aligned content. PetPlate's generosity extended beyond the professional realm, treating me and, by extension, my corgis, to a taste of their premium pet food subscription, alongside shared meals at Flatiron Eataly—an experience that symbolized the deep-seated partnership and mutual respect we shared. This journey was not just about creating content; it was about building relationships, understanding brand ethos, and delivering content that speaks volumes. The impact was clear: enhanced brand awareness and a significant boost in PetPlate's social footprint, all thanks to the unique blend of obedience and charisma my corgis brought to the table. Our work with PetPlate is a prime example of how I, alongside my corgis, aim to collaborate with clients—delivering content that not only fits the brand but also captivates their demographic, proving that thoughtful, well-crafted content can indeed drive meaningful engagement.


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