Peabody Family

We captured the Peabody family's New York moments into iconic portraits for their Christmas cards, meticulously edited with Lightroom and Photoshop.
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Project Essentials, Tools & Techniques

Location Scouting

Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO were selected for their scenic views and less crowded conditions in the early hours

Sony a6500

Mirrorless Camera

Sigma Art Lens

Preferred Lens

Creative Composition

Weaving creativity, composition and color together.

Project Components

📸 Portrait Photography

🎥 Content Creation

🎨 Adobe Photoshop

💅🏼 Instagram

💡 Adobe Lightroom


Just steps from the Empire State Building, our early morning adventure unfolded with the Peabody family, marking the city's streets as our studio. Their trust in my photographic vision allowed us to venture beyond the usual, capturing moments that would soon decorate their holiday greetings and online memories. Prepared and poised, they navigated the session with ease, their readiness a testament to the connection we'd fostered. Our chosen spots, the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO, offered a tapestry of colors and textures, from the serene to the vibrant, mirroring the family's dynamic.

Editing was an exercise in refinement, using Adobe Lightroom to dial up the warmth and intimacy of each shot, while Photoshop helped us erase the occasional intruder, preserving the morning's tranquility in every frame. The photos, now devoid of any unwelcome tourists, stood as a testament to the family's bond, their expressions and interactions a clear reflection of their love and unity. This wasn't just a photoshoot; it was a shared journey, culminating in a collection of images that resonated deeply, not just with the family but with all who viewed them.


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